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Florida Termite Inspection

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The Termite/WDO inspection report will list
any evidence of the following:

-Presence of live termites or other WDOs
-Evidence of infestation
-Damage caused by the WDOs
-Repairs that need to be done

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Do You Really Need A Florida Termite Inspection?

 A Florida Termite Inspection or Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection should be performed on the potential home you are interested in purchasing. Florida is notorious for several species of termites due to the climate of our state. Such an inspection can ultimately save you thousands of dollars in repairing structural damage and eradicating the pests.

Even though termites and other WDOs are small when allowed to multiply they can cause serious damage to wooden structures of the home.  Some insurance companies now require this inspection before authorizing a homeowner’s insurance policy.