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Pre-Listing Home Inspections for Sellers; Is it better to have your eyes open or your figures crossed?

February 4th, 2015 | [email protected] | Tags:
After living in that beautiful home for years- changing it, upgrading it, and improving it- it is now time to sell. Before it is time to list it you find your long “honey-do list” and realize there were many projects planned that just never got done to improve or finally fix the house.
When selling a home the one thing that all parties want to avoid is surprises, especially near the closing date. Surprises wind up causing delays, costing everybody money and aggravation, and may just kill the deal.
Most sellers leave the inspection in the hands of the buyer, hoping nothing bad is discovered. This puts you, the seller, in a vulnerable position. The power is in the buyer’s hand. In this case ignorance is certainly not bliss; it is definitely better to have your eyes wide open rather than your fingers crossed. However, a pre-listing home inspection can provide peace of mind. 
If a home inspector manages to find your open list of projects, and they will, you can decide if you will repair or disclose the issues. If you choose to repair, you have time to get bids and complete for the best price. If the issues are not going to be fixed, then you can discuss them with the buyer and supply estimates to resolve them. The buyer will not have a last minute negotiations that could cost you more than it should. For instance, a small issue of $500.00 could end up costing you $2000.00 in last minute credits.
Additionally, you can supply the pre-listing inspection to the buyer, giving confidence that you are being transparent. This will set you and your property apart from all the others the buyer is considering. It is always better to get your property sold quickly rather than spending months showing your home. You can look forward to a smoother and quicker deal. A pre-listing inspection will help get you closed on time for the original price without surprises.
At Precision Home Inspections we have a Four-Point inspection that covers the roof, the HVAC systems (heat, ventilation, and air conditioning), the electrical systems, and the plumbing system. We also perform Wind Mitigation, well as many other types of inspections.