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South Florida Mold Inspections

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A Valuable Investment: Mold Inspections

Mold inspections are not part of the complete home inspection and are a separate service. If you are a new home buyer, it is recommended that you get a mold inspection before purchasing a home. All insurance companies do not cover mold problems and/or damages. The cost to replace and repair mold damage, water leaks, water drainage problems, and drywall is much more expensive than a mold inspection. Ultimately, a mold inspection is worth the time and expense.

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Mold Inspections in Floria Are Important Before Purchasing a Home

Mold growth in South Florida homes is mostly due to the high humidity of the region. If there has been water damage or water leaks, the likelihood of mold growth is extremely high. Mold can grow inside walls where water pipes may have leaked. It can also grow in the Air Conditioning unit and ducts, in carpet, in ceiling tiles, in clothing, behind wallpaper, and on other absorbent surfaces.

Mold growth is more than a nuisance–it is a health hazard. If toxic mold is left untreated, it may cause respiratory problems and other health related issues in the people living in the home. South Florida mold inspections are essential if you know your home has had water damage.

During a mold inspection, the inspector will look for signs of mold growth that need to be addressed. Issues that may have caused the mold growth (water leak, broken pipe, drainage problem) will also be assessed. As toxic mold is hazardous, large mold spores or areas that are infested may need to be professionally tested and removed by mold removal experts.